As documentary film-makers, we are global specialists in telling sustainability stories. Working closely with you, our professional team of passionate storytellers are adventurers at heart, embracing travel to get to the root of the story, bringing together local perspectives and global issues that uncover the heart of business. Using journalistic integrity and creative cinematography we build trust through stories that are human and inspiring, helping brands earn their way into people’s lives.

Our unique offering bridges the gap between commercial advertising and documentary storytelling. Through this custom-based approach, we aim to position ourselves as a communications agent for good – uncovering the heart of business and helping brands earn their way into people’s lives.

A decade of global broadcasting

Produced by Regency Foundation Networx, IT’S AFRICA’S TIME is a collection of over 60 stories documenting and promoting the adoption of the ‘inclusive business’ model as a component of corporate growth strategy in Africa, where profitable business solutions grow local value chains and drive inclusive societal transformation.

Similarly, TIME FOR GLOBAL ACTION is a television series designed to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals by documenting the human stories of innovative, business-led development and win-win interventions across the globe. Currently in its 2nd season, the series focuses on the role of business in the global growth agenda and features stories from Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Leaders in Social Investment Business Implementation


Since 2008, Responsible ME has worked with schools across South Africa, providing training for educators and reaching learners, their families and communities, to encourage responsible decision makers.

Our Mission – To enable youth to reach their potential; making responsible choices through knowledge, support and reinforcement.

Our Vision – To contribute towards a generation of self-motivated thoughtful young people who participate fully in South African society.

Our Values – Empowerment, Community and Diversity.

Fundamental to our purpose is the common cause of promoting a sustainable and prosperous society. To that end, we devote much of our time and energy to the creation of educational engagement programs that deliver a grassroots activation of our ambition to create content to inspire action.

Our flagship example of this is the ResponsibleMe program, designed to help South African youth to make responsible choices about their lives and futures as well as informed and considered decisions about their safe sexual practice, reproductive health and emotional wellbeing.

Combining knowledge with psycho-social skills, this holistic, curriculum aligned education program, developed for both primary and secondary is premised on a model of experiential, participatory learning and reinforced messaging. Targeting G5 – Gr10, the program works with learners, educators, schools, parents and communities to empower and support South African youth to lead healthy and productive lives.

Through ResponsibleME School Programs, Family Support Programs and School Policy Workshops, we have had the privilege of directly impacting over 190 000 learners, as well as their families and communities.

REAP – Regency Entrepeneur Academy Programme

REAP is an NGO that falls under the Regency stable of offerings. It is a unique programme, in that it focusses on the sustainability aspect of entrepreneurship. This is crucial especially with the unemployment figures as they are in South Africa.

Our guiding vision is that training entrepreneurs is simply not enough- the key is sustainability. Well over 50% of SME’s fail within their first two years.

REAP was developed to respond to this need.

Business of all sizes are about people. This requires entrepreneurs to have skills in management and directing, motivating and nurturing of both themselves and their staff.

An additional challenge is that South Africa’s commercial environment is increasingly volatile. This means that entrepreneurs in South Africa have to continuously adapt to these rapid changes.

REAP has constructed a three-tiered approach to ensure entrepreneurs create sustainable business.

  • PARTNERING with NPO’s offering Hard Skill
    • Setting up of enterprise
    • Community integration
    • Registration etc.
    • Team Building co-op development
    • ASSISTING I in accessing resources and markets
    • Human Resources/ EQ training
  • TRANSITIONING process working with training organisation

The training institutions do not have the capacity to continue to train for entrepreneurship AND support the entrepreneurs for a further two years. After the partnering stage REAP in collaboration with the partnering NPO take over supplying of support to the entrepreneur.

  • EMPOWERING At this tier the REAP magic happens

REAP supports the Entrepreneur for a full two years providing:

  • Additional relational and HR skill programmes as needed
  • Stop gap/ singular required assistance from experienced practitioners in the areas required.
  • Best Practice training accessed if required.
  • Mentoring and Coaching on a regular basis.

How we go about connecting with the world


Once we understand how your current social media strategy directly affects your audience, we can work out where we can act as an impact player.

Digital Strategy: Over the years, Regency has built out a digital arm to support and multiply the quality content we produce as well as offer an holistic service to clients who place their trust in our purpose driven approach to brand building. Our team is enthusiastic about game changing solutions in the digital space and our top level vantage point allows us to articulate a strategic blueprint that integrates all aspects of a comprehensive digital strategy.

Web Development: As part of strategy implementation, we offer bespoke wordpress development design – for complete websites as well as campaign oriented landing pages – along with plug and play cloud managed hosting to facilitate effortless campaign roll-outs.

Seeding Strategy: Strategic narrative management involves a combination of understanding your existing brand narrative and media touch points along with your SEO and keyword strategies to get a visceral sense of the sentiment around your messaging. We help identify key influencers and organic brand ambassadors that naturalize your human-focused messaging and ensure high levels of engagement in your growing social audience.