Client: Citi Global Brand, South Africa

Brief: To use the business owners, whose businesses have been able to grow through Citi’s provision of access to financing, and to share the impact they were able to have on society because of this access – produced under the banner of the Citi Progress Makers.

Idea: In South Africa, historic disadvantage has resulted in extensive poverty, and social and economic transformation is still vastly lacking. Access to affordable housing is a key issue in this landscape, especially for the missing middle who cannot afford current property prices and who should be able to pay for a decent home. Enter IHS, an impact fund developed to convert and construct housing stock in the form of small homes for sale and apartments for rent, enabling thousands to obtain their own piece of home. This story was told in a 12 minute layered narrative for episode programming, as well as in the 60sec Progress Maker spot for commercial broadcast.

Impact: This story did really well in all research as the bank was positioned as an enabler of this significant social change. The piece also created awareness amongst the investment community and serves as a proof of concept regarding the business case for social impact investment.

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