Plexus Cotton, in partnership with local Ugandan companies, is committed to centralising the manufacturing of textiles in the country to create a profitable, sustainable and transparent supply chain that delivers employment and drives the local GDP.

Client: Plexus Cotton, Uganda

Brief: In the complex cotton supply chain, sustainability covers a great variety of factors, from water conservation in the field, through labour conditions in the factories, to energy efficiency in the retail outlets. Retailers and brands are expected to understand, audit and stand behind their supply chains, all the way to the farmer’s field. Integrated African production is the perfect response to the increasing demand for ethically sourced products, with the emphasis on increasing the continent’s value proposition through poverty eradication and job creation.
The brief was to tell this ‘field to fashion’ story to communicate the model and attract further investment for growth.

Idea: To convey the story of a sustainable, transparent cotton supply chain by visiting Uganda to meet the farmers, factory workers and local stakeholders; exploring the impact of a ‘field to fashion’ approach through the human experience and passionate voices of those involved in order to understand, in the most tangible way, the potential of this best practice value chain intervention for inclusive and sustainable growth in Africa. A 3 minute character narrative story was produced together with a 60sec ‘investor pitch’ version.

Impact: The film represents Plexus Cotton’s people, their work and their goals for their future development in Uganda and Africa in general. The value of creating this bespoke film, as told by people outside of the organisation, is that they add an objective credibility to their story. It instilled a sense of pride in the company and the people they work with, enabling them to have visibility and to tell their own stories encapsulated within the larger picture.

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